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All-Around Trail XP

The exciting Xtreme Performance® All Around Trail saddle reflect the superior engineering and craftsmanship available only from Circle Y. The new XP® All-Around Trail saddle is stylish and tough enough for work or play. The sleek look of the Circle Y Xtreme Performance® All-Around Trail saddle make it ideal for extreme trail challenges. It's tough enough to drag a log, pony a bronc, and comfortable enough to trail ride in all day.

All-around work and long hours in the saddle require a saddle that can hold up under stress of the elements and work conditions. The XP® All-Around Trail saddle tree is Kevlar® reinforced at stress points. Kevlar® is well known for its superior strength in military and law enforcement applications and in other protective clothing. A DURAhide™ coating adds strength and weather resistance, increasing the life of the tree. This coating is not attractive to insects or rodents, and will decrease the opportunity for warping of the tree because of moisture from weather or your horse.

Your horse is a working partner and he needs to be comfortable for maximum reliability all day long. To provide this, Circle Y incorporates an XPG™ gel bar pad in the Xtreme Performance® skirts. The gel pad, positioned between the bar and the skirt liner, integrates “2 nd Generation” shock absorbing gel. This gel does not break down, is not susceptible to heat or cold, and does not add significant weight to the saddle. The XPG™ bar pad, configured in the shape of the tree bars, provides improved shock absorption and comfort for the horse, as it compensates for variance in fit.

Most noticeably in the XP® All-Around Trail saddle is the Xtreme Performance® skirt lining- or let’s say- the lack of it. It features the Slip-Not™ Skirt, which is a close contact leather lining. The elimination of a wool lining further provides an improved fit for your horse and no slipping. It is easier to keep clean than wool, which can pack down and become uneven in spots from wear.

For a better leg position and less rider fatigue, Circle Y has added the EBS™-ErgoBalance Stirrup™- to the Xtreme Performance® All-Around Trail saddle. The EBS™ place the rider’s feet and legs in a more natural position, promoting balanced riding. The rider’s ball of the foot is able to be in total contact with the tread of the stirrup, instead of just supporting the rider’s weight along the edge.

The Circle Y XP® All-Around Trail saddle has a shorter, round skirt, narrower fenders for less weight, special iron and silver conchos, and a unique tooling pattern. Two color finishes and two tree widths are some of the options you may choose. Your authorized Circle Y dealer can help you with your new XP® All-Around Trail saddle, as well as the matching tack.

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