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Below are just a few of the responses that we've recieved from satisfied Circle Y Saddle owners everywhere. Are you a proud owner of your own Circle Y Saddle? Well tell us about it! Just go here and fill out the form to see if we can use it.

Dear Circle Y,

The real purpose of this message is to tell you how happy my new mare & I are with her Quick Shot Mounted Shooter #2401. The saddle fit article that appeared in your last newsletter was very appropriate since NONE of our six CY or Tucker saddles fit this mare. Although I'm not a mounted shooter, the Quick Shot has many features I like. The CY rep I spoke to recommended getting a wide tree. I'll admit to being concerned that the Flex2 properties would make it less stable than a solid tree. However, in spite of being amazingly lightweight, this saddle doesn't shift on quick turns or stops. The free-swinging, twisted fenders are great, and the pretty tooling and conchos are a nice touch. But the best part has been the change in my mare's attitude. No more ear-pinning & tail-swishing. Now that her saddle's not pinching, she's a happy girl!

Thanks, Lin Metcalf

Dear Circle Y,

I bought my circle Y saddle in 2002 thought it was only 6 months old. Per your numbering system it was made 01/94. It is now 2009 and it looks as good now as when I first bought it. I ride 4-5 times a week for 2-3 hours and go anywhere from 4-10 miles in some pretty rugged places. I ride in the winter and summer. The saddle fits my horse like a glove. When I go riding out west it just is not the same. wish I could take my saddle with me. There is nothing like a Circle Y.

Thanks, Don Ransenberg

Dear Circle Y,

I have recently purchased a new Circle Y cutting saddle. I’ve had three Circle Y saddles in my 62 years. The first being bought in 1967, three months after my tour in Vietnam. That saddle is still in good shape today. All I ever used was virgin olive oil for care. I guess I did alright.

The second one I still ride today on a colt. It is 21 years old.

So, for my 25 th wedding anniversary, my wife bought me (in good faith) a team roper. With her permission and no hard feelings, I went to the dealer, paid the difference and bought a new Circle Y Cutter. I don’t and won’t ride anything but Circle Y saddles.

Thank you for all the years of enjoyment I have had riding for the brand Circle Y.

Joe Sanguedobe
Richmond, TX

Dear Circle Y,

We bought this custom Circle Y close contact equitation saddle in 1996 through a horse show friend who was a dealer. I absolutely love it and prefer it today over any other saddle on the market! The attached picture is of my Quarter horse Sam (The Last Debtonator) and me back when I was still showing youth. My dad was in the military, so we bought the saddle while stationed in Alabama, used it there and in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky and Ohio (Congress). Then we moved to Ft. Leavenworth, so we showed in it in Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas (Youth World Show), and Oklahoma (Open World Show). THEN we got orders to go to Germany, so we shipped our truck, trailer, horse, and of course this saddle, overseas and showed VERY sucessfully on the European Circuit, winning all-around German high-point horse and rider, as well as the European Championship and year-end high point titles in multiple events. In this saddle, my horse and I have earned superiors in horsemanship, trail, and senior trail, as well as a superior performance award, in addition to being two-time reserve champions in trail at the Congress. Now, we are back in Alabama, and I am retiring my gelding (the one in the picture), so he will be passing on this saddle to my new yearling stallion when it comes time for the futurities next year. This saddle is definitely a family heirloom.

Thank you, Amy Smith


   The saddle arrived, Dianna and I had to look up the Desert Creek again as we thought you sent some custom saddle made especially for us. It is magnificent!  I can hardly believe the craftsmanship and attention to detail on that rig. You never lost our confidence in Circle Y, but now it is unshakable. I thank you for not only the sincere response to Jake’s reaction to the other saddle, but also and most importantly for your patience with me during the entire affair.

    As we were looking at the saddle today, our neighbor came over and looked at it as well, we told him the story of how well we were treated by Circle Y and he was aware of Jake’s condition as he visits often; he was amazed that a company would go to the lengths you did to keep a customer happy, and we proudly told him it is for that reason that we buy Circle Y products and will as long as we are able to saddle up.

    Thank you and all of the folks involved to include Robert especially. Mark, you and Circle Y keep your word, and in this day and age that is something to be most proud of. God Bless, and from all of us in Montana a heartfelt thanks. Jim

James E. Siegfried
Roundup, MT

Dear Circle Y,

I absolutely LOVE the Monarch Arena Performance/Trail saddle. It is gorgeous, plus it fits both of my horses very well. Hands down the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in! I can not say enough good things about this product. I can't wait to really put some miles on it! Great job, Julie!

Thank you,

Dear Circle Y,

I am thrilled with the effects of the saddle for both Candy and me. 

The saddle fits her beautifully--several trainers have said that the fit is great for her.  What I didn't expect were the benefits for me.  My knees no longer feel "the torque," since the stirrups are turned.  Also, I can ride much longer due to the comfort of the ride. We have been on trail rides where we have been the only pair still ready to go after several hours because we both are comfortable!  

The bonus is the remarks on the beauty of the leather and the tooling.  So, hey, we feel good and we look good!

Thank you for the opportunity to purchase the saddle.
Bobbie Jo W.

Dear Circle Y,

I love my Circle Y so much I would rather walk than use another brand.

Aaron M.


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